10 Questions For Alienated Child in Custody Evaluation

Some questions to be asked (by age) to the child in cases of child custody evaluation to determine Parental Alienation. These questions can be used into the alienated-father families and the alienated-mother families.#1 Would you explain me a specific reason why you do not want to see your father?The child should find difficulty in articulating

Parental Alienation vs Parental Estrangement

What's the difference between Parental Alienation and Parental Estrangement?Parental Alienation: the child's rejection of a parent without a good reason. This usually occurs in the context of high-conflict divorce. The child's rejection of one parent is usually encouraged by the preferred parent.Parental Estrangement: the child's rejection of a parent for a good reason, such as

My Son Doesn’t Want To Answer The Phone

My son does not want to talk to me: what to do, insist or resign? Here are three issues. # 1 - Who Used the Phone? The first thing to do is make sure that the phone is actually used by the child alone, since if the dominant parent had control of it, even

10 Tips for Alienated Parents

1. Let's start with the bang: the alienating parent is a weak one! Contrary to what you might think, the alienating parent, in the end, is weak. The reason is very simple: he/she uses his son to destroy the other parent and, thus, psychologically harms his son. He/She hides behind his son, pushing him